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An act of altruism

I wanted to comment on a wordpress site–this comes up often–and this time I thought “what the hell, might as well sign up for an account and make this easy from now on.” At that point I had the option of simply signing up for user name, accomplishing the original goal economically and quickly, or I could create my own blog.

So I started thinking…I talk a lot. Although some of them are too polite to say so, or at least too polite to say so every time it happens, I strongly suspect that I bore my spouse, friends, co-workers, and clients…frequently and extensively.

Perhaps then, a receptacle on the internet, which no one would read except by choice (which in all likelihood means “which no one would read”), a place for any rants or expositions of my abundant opinions about stuff…perhaps that would use up some of my words. Perhaps it would save the innocents around me from some of my tedious commentary.

So, that’s the idea. Knowing me, it would not be shocking if this turns out to be the only post I ever make here. Or, maybe I’ll write until my fingers bleed. We’ll see.